SUMMARY: Quotas and Automounter

From: Dave Yearke (
Date: Wed Sep 11 1996 - 13:02:59 CDT

Thanks to all who responded. Upon further reflection, it should
have been obvious to me that each automounted user home directory
is a separate NFS mount point, and if a quota for a particular user
is on the filesystem where that NFS mount point resides, it will
get displayed.

Again, thanks to:
Asim Zuberi <>
Matthew Stier - BSG Corporation <>
David Lee <>
Kevin Davidson <>

Original message:

> We use quotas on our Solaris systems, all of which are running 2.5.1,
> and recently converted our user home directories to use automounter.
> Since then, we have noticed an interesting phenomenon. When a user
> runs "quota -v" to check their quota, they see information not just
> for themselves, but for all other users who currently have automounted
> home directories. The information for the other users is really the same
> information for the user who ran "quota -v", so it's not a security/
> privacy issue, but it's confusing some of our users. Are there any
> patches or other resolutions for this problem?

                      Dave Yearke,

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