SUMMARY: Reverse Aliasing in Solaris Sendmail

From: Scott Lacy (
Date: Wed Sep 11 1996 - 15:04:00 CDT

Hi All!

This is somewhat late, but, as promised, here is a summary of the replies
I got, along with comments. Just as a reminder, the question I had was
whether there was a way to do reverse aliasing using the stock sendmail
that comes with Solaris 2.5 without NIS.

>From Wed Sep 11 15:57:15 1996
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 1996 16:57:10 -0400
From: Kerry O'Bryhim <>
Subject: Re: Reverse Aliasing in Solaris Sendmail?

Scott -

I'm not sure if this is what you want but it may do the trick

1. make sure the password entry has john does' full name
        jdoe:x:555:55:John Doe:/home/jdoe:/bin/csh
2. use two aliases in you aliases file
        jdoe: john.doe
        john.doe: john.doe@mailhost
3. make sure mail host knows john by the last alias john.doe.

Hope it helps - it's easy enough to try - two edit's and a newaliases

Unfort, this didn't help, at least for me. It didn't seem to do the
trick. Thanks anyway!

>From Daniel.Blander@ACSacs.Com Wed Sep 11 15:57:30 1996
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 1996 16:59:55 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Daniel J Blander - Sr. Systems Engineer for ACS"
Subject: Re: Reverse Aliasing in Solaris Sendmail?

You need to do one or the other - NIS/NIS+ or another verson of sendmail.
only way to do it....

 Daniel Blander =8^)
 Sr. Systems Engineer Applied Computer Solutions


I am beginning to think this is the answer, as much as I hate to admit it.


>From Wed Sep 11 15:57:35 1996
Date: Sun, 01 Sep 1996 01:21:05 -0400
From: Jim Harmon <>
Subject: Re: Reverse Aliasing in Solaris Sendmail?

For ELM, in the USER's directory, you have a .elm directory. The
user can specify their own return alias there (from: john.doe)

>From mail or mailx, you have a file called .mailrc in each user
directory. Same story.

for your default mail address, you can set up your /etc/aliases file
so that jdoe:

At my site, my aliases file has the following for me:

        jimh: jim
        j.harmon: jim
        jim.harmon: jim

Thus all mail aliases for me in whatever wacky format we receive,
resolve back to

I could have defined my username or mail name as jim.harmon@...
instesd of jim@....

The problem then is how do you resolve jim.harmon to the /
/var/spool/mail/jim file?

I haven't tried it, but if I also have "jim" in my aliases file,
it should resolve to my username, which is "jim" in the passwd file.


That didn't really do it, either, although it did provide an idea for at
least a temporary patch solution. Setup each user's .pinerc file so that
in each message they send, they have a Reply-To header with the alias I
want to put on. Not exactly what I want, but it'll work until I get a
more solid solution (i.e. another sendmail).

Thanks to all who responded!


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