SUMMARY: gcc-2.7.x binary for an ultra 1

From: Mike D. Kail (
Date: Wed Sep 11 1996 - 10:00:07 CDT

once again, this list has proved to be an invaluable resource

thanks to everyone for their input

From: (Claude Roy)

I have gcc 2.7.2 at

As a matter of fact I also have on our coporate ftp site a little more
that are all build and pakaged for Solaris Sparc 2.51... I have some of
the stuff also avail for Solaris x86...

From: John Ballard <>
The gcc binary is in package form.

From: (Andrea Bellinzaghi)

Hi, you can retrieve the latest gnu packages (binaries) in :

From: (Robert Pasken)

        The standard gcc binaries for any Solaris-2.X machine work with an
ultra-1. Grab the standard binary any your favorite ftp site and then grab
the source for 2.7.2 and rebuild it. On this ultra it takes about 30 min
to rebuild the compiler up to stage 3.

From: Ian Beaudry <>

From: Alex Finkel <>

They have the latest binaries, compiled for Solaris 2.5, for most of the
GNU software and most of them are in pkgadd format.

From: (Ron Loftin)

I have compiled gcc 2.7.2 on a Sparc-20 under Solaris 2.4 and it appears
to work just fine on the Ultra. Just to check, I built cvs-1.8.1 on the
Ultra with this version, and it runs all of the regression tests correctly.

Since gcc does like to know where it is installed, so it can find its
headers and libraries, I suggest that you download the source from FSF
or one of, the mirror sites, and compile it for your site. Give me
a shout if you have difficulties doing this.

From: John Justin Hough <>

There are precompiled packages at (probably all sunsites)

None are specific to the Ultra - that is nothing will take any
particular advantage of the UltraSPARC cpu - execution order order
won't change, the increased number of processing unit won't be taken
advantage of, or that the ultra is 64bits wide won't be taken advantage
of either.

All the same it is much faster.

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