SUMMARY: workstation usage

From: Chris Wozniak (
Date: Tue Sep 10 1996 - 17:35:00 CDT

I've received 7 answers to the following query:

>Greetings Managers
>I need to monitor the usage of 17 workstations I'm looking after by logging
>users' log-ins, log-offs and periods of keyboard/mouse inactivity greater
>than 5 minutes. I was given a munged version of Xscreensaver (freeware), but
>there are too many problems with it. I've considered using rwho/ruptime, etc
>but that won't work thru the gateway. The workstations are 12 Sparcs20/SunOS
>4.1.4 on the CDDI (FDDI) net and 3 Ultras/SOlaris 2.5, 1 Sparc 1000/Solaris
>2.4, 1 SGI/Impact IRIX 5.3 on Fast Ether net.
>Any suggestions ? .... please ...

Thanks a lot to all who replied:

Paul Kanz <>
Benjamin Cline <> (Marc S. Gibian)
"Patrick O'Brien" <> (Frank Pardo)
Jens Fischer <>
Mats Kronberg <>

The replies recommended the following:
idled 2
acct 2
rusers & cron 1
prwhod 1

Unfortunately none of the recommended solutions would do all I need.
I finally rolled up my sleeves, grabbed the old "xswarm" screen blanker
(written by Jeff Butterworth) and hacked it. It seems to be working fine
doing just what I want.
If anybody's interested please let me know, I'll e-mail the code.

Chris Wozniak
System Administrator

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