Summary: From sunOS to AS/400

Date: Mon Sep 09 1996 - 15:17:58 CDT

Sorry for this delayed summary.

I got 3 replies. They are:

From: Tony Ching-Tung Wu <>
 First off, if the OS of AS/400 is v2r3 or later, you can initialize the
TCP/IP and use telnet to connect to SUN. And to do file sharing, you can
use SNA or PC SUPPORT to transport files from AS/400 to a PC then upload
them to SUN. A little bit tricky.


From: Herbert Wengatz <>
Remote commands are no problem. - File sharing is more difficult.

For the first one, You have to get an IBM (or third party) Bridge from
IBMs SDLC-Protocol (may work via a serial line also!) and an IBM 3270-emulation
(You can get this from sun). Don't worry, the actual emulation can far more
than a 3270! :-)

So you can work from a Sun on an IBM AS/400.

About filesharing, I currently don't know.

From: John Benjamins <johnb@Soliton.COM>
should be easy if you can run AIX on the as/400:-)

seriously though, if you are running MVS on the as/400, you'll have to
run tcp/ip and i believe there is now an NFS product for MVS as well.
as for remote command execution, i'm not sure. i know you can get
REXX for sunos, and this might do the trick. i'm no expert on REXX
though, so i couldn't say for sure. the REXX product is called
uni-REXX, but i forget the company name right now. i can look it up
if you need it.

hope this helps, -john

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