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Date: Fri Sep 06 1996 - 09:01:04 CDT

Original Question:

When printing to a printer from PC using OnNet (FTP pctcp) network
connection I get following error from sun IPC:

lpd[401]: hplj: no filter specified for format 'v'

Almost everyone suggested that removing -v option from pctcp.ini
file can solve the problem and it did.

Thank you, you all.

here are the responses:

>From Thu Sep 5 11:51:57 1996
        I had this same problem. The solution for me was in the file pctcp.ini
where the printer is specified it puts the -v option. I just removed the -v
option save the file and it worked.
John E. Fiori
U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL)
Geophysical Sciences Division email:
72 Lyme Road phone: (603) 646-4515 / 4100
Hanover, NH 03755-1290 fax: (603) 646-4397

From: (Jim Craven)
It looks like the Onet software is submitting the job with the filter option
(-v) see the man page on lpr. Why I do not know, pehasp you can turn this
off on the pc end some way. If not then create a filter script with two lines
in it:

Make the script executable (chmod +x)
Add a :vf=/path/to/filter/script to your printcap entry and see if
that works.

Good luck,
From: Iseminger <>
Look in the pctcp.ini file on the PC. There is a setup in there that's telling
lpr to use the "-v" as a filter. Remove the "-v" and it should work. Sorry
I can't be more specific but I don't work with PCTCP that much....

From: (Thomas White)

don't use the v option with lpr.(or write a filter)
check to see what the format of tyhe print command is from OnNet
it must be passing an invalid "-v"

From: "Rick Caldwell, Schlumberger GeoQuest, 214-980-7924" <>
The problem is that the binary option is turned on. In OnNet in the
network conf - printer section double click on the printer with the
problem and click the advanced option - turn off binary and your
prints should come out. This is the section where you first defined
the printer connection.

(On older versions of OnNet you can just edit the pctcp.ini file, find
the printer section and get rid of the -v option - newer versions don't
allow this as it overwrites it the next startup).

decnet dfwvx1::rick Rick Caldwell
internet (external) (internal)

> From: (Pete A. Zaitcev)

> Convince your OnNet to send 'f' format. SunOS
> lpd supports very little number of formats.
> Pete

> From: Bill Reed <>
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> You will see in man lpr mention of a -v option, your PC must be sending
> that option to the unix box.
> This option corresponds to the vf= option in the printcap ( see man
> printcap).
> Therefore I deduce that you are sending raster image file. I don't know
> where you will find a suitable filter , printcap-city mentions psvf.
> This is unlikely to work unless the printer is postscript.
> --
> Bill Reed
> +44 1895 877429 (fax: +44 1895 877345)
> B.P. Exploration, 1 Harefield Road, Uxbridge UB8 1PH, U.K.

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