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From: Sanjay Gowda (
Date: Thu Sep 05 1996 - 13:20:49 CDT

Hello Everybody,

I would like to thank the following people for replying
to my sendmail configuration questions.

   John Justin Hough <>
   Patrick O'Brien <>
   John Benjamins <johnb@Soliton.COM>
   Max Heise <>

Their replies helped me set up the proper m4 macros
and the local delivery problem that I was having was
fixed as soon as I added all the local hosts (for which
our mail server should accept delivery for) to
/etc/ file.

The only change that I made to my m4 macros (they are
in my original question attached in the end) was that
I moved MASQUERADE(...) from sendmail-8.7.5/cf/cf/
to sendmail-8.7.5/cf/domain/, and
removed DOMAIN(generic) from the file and moved
DOMAIN( line from to

I was able to create a working file and
am currently testing it out. Seems to be working
with no problems as yet.

Thank you all for your time and consideration.



My questions:
> Hi!
> I still haven't received any replies to this question. Please
> can somebody/anybody who is familiar with m4 macros help me out?
> This server will be our main mail server for this domain.
> Also, if you any suggestions on security, etc, please
> let me know.
> Problem: I can send mail via our California's mail relay.
> I can send mail to local host (the mail server that I am
> setting up).
> I CANNOT send mail to other hosts in the same domain.
> Instead it goes to the central mail relay which has
> no idea of the hosts here in the local domain.
> Thanks.
> Sanjay
> My original question(s) :-)
> ---------------------------
> Hi Everybody,
> I was successful in compiling sendmail 8.7.5 on a Solaris 2.5 server.
> I am having some trouble in setting up the m4 macros. If anybody has
> any suggestions, helpful hints, I would appreciate it. Please let me
> explain it a bit.
> I am hoping to set it up as follows:
> -----------------------------------
> If it receives mail for a local user or a user to a local host
> (with the same domainname), deliver it locally instead of routing it
> through our central mail relay - "".
> Everything else, make it go through the mail relay.
> Looks very simple and should be easy!
> The mail server is: "".
> So all hosts which the DNS server returns as,
>, should be considered local hosts.
> Our local domainname is: (Masquerade as).
> Here are the m4 macros that I am using to create file:
> I have created two m4 macro files:
> sendmail-8.7.5/cf/cf/
> ---------------------------
> VERSIONID(`@(#) 8.2 (Berkeley) 8/6/95')
> OSTYPE(solaris2)dnl
> DOMAIN(generic)dnl
> define(`LOCAL_RELAY',catwoman)
> define(`SMART_HOST',
> MAILER(local)dnl
> MAILER(smtp)dnl
> sendmail-8.7.5/cf/domain/
> ------------------------------------------
> divert(0)
> VERSIONID(`@(#)generic.m4 8.2 (Berkeley) 4/21/95')
> define(`confFORWARD_PATH', `$z/.forward.$w:$z/.forward')dnl
> define(`confCW_FILE', `-o /etc/')dnl
> FEATURE(redirect)dnl
> FEATURE(use_cw_file)dnl
> And I run m4 as follows:
> export CFDIR=/home/sgowda/zip/mail/sendmail-8.7.5/cf
> m4 -D_CF_DIR_=${CFDIR}/ ${CFDIR}/m4/cf.m4 cf/ >
> The problem I am having is: Whenever I send mail to a local
> host other than the mail host(, it
> goes to the mail relay (which by the way, has no clue of
> the hosts in our local domain). So, if I send mail to a local
> host say,, sendmail will route the mail
> thru our mail relay,, and it never reaches the person
> at hawkeye, since the relay does not any clue of our local hosts.
> With the above setup, I have no problems sending mail to users
> on and over the Internet.
> Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong here? I would also welcome
> any suggestions, hints, tips that you can give me before I install
> the binary.
> Thank you.
> Sanjay
> PS: In order to change the location of in the sendmail
> binary, I was NOT successful in setting _PATH_SENDMAILCF and
> _PATH_SENDMAILPID in pathnames.h. After I hardcoded it in conf.c,
> gcc compiled it without any complaints!
> --

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