Non-SUMMARY: List Moderator in sendmail 8.x?

From: Jochen Bern (
Date: Wed Sep 04 1996 - 08:22:30 CDT

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Original Request (in a sendmail 8.7.x Setting):
> Right today, I received a User Request complaining about various People
> abusing a certain Mailinglist maintained by said User. The bottom Line
> is that he wants me to convert the Mailinglist into a moderated one.
> I'm reluctant to install a full-blown Listserv or Majordomo (that'ld
> be some REAL Overkill); MAILER(procmail) doesn't help unless I find a
> Way to use a "mailboxtable" (as opposed to the mailertable in the
> Docs ;-) ; Having a procmail Script mix in during Delivery means that
> I'ld have to give the actual List Expansion into Hands I don't really
> trust (sendmail at least *tries* to detect Mail Loops ... :-} ).

Result: No Suggestions, and today, a second of our Mailinglists got
its first unauthorized Mail. :-C The Computing Center used Aliases
on an Admin-only Box so far, and will switch to Majordomo soon.
I'm currently considering to tweak list-name@... to send to the
Moderator instead, which then Bcc:s to secret-list-name@... to get
the Mail actually sent ...

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