SUMMARY: SunDiag for Solaris 2.5

From: Wojciech Mikanik (
Date: Wed Sep 04 1996 - 08:57:51 CDT

 My original message:
> My friend is looking for diagnostic program for Solaris 2.5
> (something similar to SunDiag for SunOS 4.1.2).
> Her main concern is graphics.

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The answer is:
SUNvts (Validate Test Suite) from 'Updates for Solaris...' cdrom
(Black & White in colour). It is the 2.5 Updates CD which comes
along with 2.5 distribution

"I suggest your friend try out Sun's VTS, the Online Validation Test
Suite. These are the SUNWvts and SUNWvtsmn packages. I believe both of
these are a standard part of the Solaris 2.5 distribution."

SUNWvts package is the same as the OLD sundiag, but a new look.

To install:
pkgadd SUNWvts

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