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Date: Tue Sep 03 1996 - 16:09:33 CDT

Thanks for all the wonderful replies!

To recap, I was wondering what versions of PC-NFS would work
with Win95. Here's what I found:

  PC-NFS v5.0 - consensus was that this was hopeless!

  PC-NFS v5.1 - could be done, but painful...

  PC-NFS pro v2.0 - this was the PC-NFS version recommended
                  by everyone who recommended PC-NFS (Sun included).
                  However, my question brought about recommendations
                  not of the PC-NFS variety.

In fact, after receiving soooo many recommendations that we dump
PC-NFS in favor of a program called "Samba", I just had to find
out more about this. So, I trotted around the Net and grabbed
the source for Samba from

After reading the FAQ, it sounded as if this stuff would be able
to suit our needs, i.e. access to UNIX drives from PC, use of
UNIX network printers from PC, etc. So I installed it...

And it works!!! The "net use" syntax is very similar to PC-NFS,
and it was actually fairly easy to setup - I started about 9:00am
this morning and by lunch it was up and running (and that includes
reading the docs!). Sorry Sun, but I'm keeping Samba for now...

Thanks again to all those who provided input on my dilemma!

Matt Marlow
UC San Diego

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