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Date: Tue Sep 03 1996 - 10:28:03 CDT

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>I'd like to set up a bootp server to server boot info to several HP
>printers on a different sub-net. However, I'm having plenty o'
>trouble. I suspect that my Cisco router configuration isn't allowing
>the tftp/bootp transfer. I've done some configuration in the router to
>allow tftp on port 69/udp, bootps on 67/udp and bootpc on 68/udp. Is
>there something else I'm missing? I'm using jetdirect to configure
>everything. It passes all the tests *except* to actually configure the
>printer. Everything points to the fact that the bootp server isn't
>on the same sub-net. Has anyone worked around this via reconfiguring
>the router?


When the bootp client comes up, it broadcasts a request for boot data
across its subnet. My problem was that my bootp server was on a different
subnet than the clients. So I had to reconfigure my router to forward
the broadcast packets from the boot client subnet to the boot server.
This is done with the ip helper-address within the router. Here is the
command sequence:

router# configure terminal
router(config)# interface ethernet <no. of interface>
router(config)# ip helper-address <ip address of bootp server>
router(config)# ^Z

Many thanks to the responders for both solving my problem and for shedding
light on the overall situation. Thanks especially to Tom Crummy for all
the information and to Willi Burmeister who kindly walked me through the
configuration process.

Mr T Crummey <> (Willi Burmeister)
John Benjamins <johnb@Soliton.COM>
Leo Anzola <>
"Mark L Roberts" <>

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