SUMMARY: SCSI drivers for HP 4P/4C scanners

From: Jim Mourikis (
Date: Mon Sep 02 1996 - 11:00:22 CDT

My original question

>Does anyone know where I can find UNIX SCSI drivers for the HP 4P/4C scanners
>that will run on a SPARC 5.

There were only a small number of replies.

Some people suggested I try, however HP don't actually make UNIX
SCSI drivers for their scanners. All drivers at this site were Windows' NT and
MAC drivers.

There is a commercial product from Mentalix which is exactly what I am after.
Plugs straight into PhotoShop 3.0.1 for Solaris, and allows scanning from

And finaly there is a roll your own generic SCSI driver available from

Thanks to the following people

David L. Markowitz
Kevin Sheehan
Alan Hill


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