SUMMARY: le0 No Carrier problem.

From: Shirish Korgaonkar (
Date: Fri Aug 30 1996 - 11:03:34 CDT


        Thanks to all the people who responded so quickly.
        It was overwhelming.. Many suggested checking the
        cabling and hubs. Some people have also mentioned
        about patches etc. But ultimately it turned out to
        be a combination of problems.

        Here is how I went about with the tips from all of

        From boot prompt I ran watch-net continuously for
        a few minutes and found out that the twisted pair
        port stops testing packets after a few minutes but
        on AUI it works fine. This confirmed that the TP
        interface on our machine has some problem. After
        moving over to AUI our system did not hang for
        next 4 days. But le0 message still kept on coming
        on the screen almost every minute. Though everything
        seemed to be working fine. Today I moved this machine
        to our etherswitch and to my surprise the message
        stopped coming instantly. Does it mean that the
        10-base T hub was faulty? But the other systems
        connected to it never gave this message. As I had
        mentioned earlier I had tried changing the ports.
        Can anybody explain why the faulty hub(?) did not
        cause any problem to other SS20 machines connected
        to it?

        Finally thanks to those responded agin..

        They are:--

      (LEMERCIER Laurent)
               "Xu, Guo Miao (Hui, Kwok Miu)" <>
               Lawson A S <>
        Gregg TeHennepe <>
        Marcelo Maraboli <>
        "Daniel J Blander <Daniel.Blander@ACSacs.Com> ("Michael Salehi x22725")
        "Jeff J. Dingbaum" <> (Colin Melville) (Russ Poffenberger)
        Yizhong Zhou <> (Glenn Satchell (Brian Desmond)
        Bill Armand <bobo@ztxdds1s>

        In the order of response time..



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