SUMMARY ftp problem

From: Li (
Date: Thu Aug 29 1996 - 14:57:55 CDT

This is a really amazing mailing list.Only half an hour after I sent my
question, I got several responses and solved the problem. I create a file
/etc/shells like this:
which includs all the user's shell.

Thank you for all these persons who respond.

>my original question:

>Hi everyone,
>We have a newly installed sun workstation running SUN OS 4.1.4 and my
>problem is how to setup the FTP server in order for every user account to
>access the workstation using ftp command from a remote machine. Now only
>root can access this machine using ftp and any other accounts can't ,it
>always shows "access denied" error.

>Any help will be highly appreciated.


University of Illinois at Chicago

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