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From: Tom Trainor (
Date: Thu Aug 29 1996 - 14:13:04 CDT


Whew!!!! I was bombarded by answers literally minutes after asking the
question....Hope the HP folks are as good (I'm sure they will be).

Thanks to: (D461-Viet_Q_Hoang(0)82572) (Don Catey)
David Willard <>
Paul Keller <>
"Marc L. Summers-SysAdmin" <>
"Jay C. Everson" <> (John W. Funk)
Ed Romascan <ed@magma.COM>

Here's some text from a web site:

Bart Muyzer runs an HP-UX system administration mailing list. To reach
ALL MEMBERS of the list, send e-mail to <>; to SUBSCRIBE,
send mail to <>. The following commands (in the
subject line) can be handled automatically by the administrative request
filter processor <>:

    subscribe - to subscribe yourself to the list
    unsubscribe - to unsubscribe yourself from the list
    members - to get a list of all subscribers

Problems, questions, suggestions and the like should go to the address

(Thanks, Bart!)

The web site is:

It contains lots and lots of HP information!!!!!


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