Floppy Disk Problem - Summary

From: Bob White (whiterl@nv.doe.gov)
Date: Thu Aug 29 1996 - 13:31:21 CDT

Sorry it has taken a while to resolve this, but I'm
working on a live data acquisition system and
can only shut it down during certain periods.

The original problem was that I couldn't get
Solaris 2.5 to recognize the floppy.

The problem still exists. Miquel Cabanas, of
BBM-UAB in Barcelona, Catalunya - Spain,
actually gave me the best suggestion. He
pointed me toward the monitor(1M) program
available from the boot prompt. The 'test floppy'
command from there reports that there is no
floppy drive attached, or the drive is not
responding. Also, while running this test is the
only time the drive light on the floppy comes on.
It never came on when solaris was trying the
drive. So I definetly have a hardware problem.

This has become a moot point however. As you
may recall, I was trying to load some software
that came with an APC SmartUPS. A call to
APC elicited the info that the version of
software I was trying to load would not work with
Solaris, but that they would be happy to sell me
some other software, on CD, that would work.

Oh well.

Thanks to the many people who responded, and
much thanks to Miquel.

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