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Date: Thu Aug 29 1996 - 09:33:43 CDT

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after recently changing users account names i have had users complain
that they can no longer find the information that was in their
calendars as part of the name chnage i renamed their callog.______
files this is allowing new information to be put into the same callog
but anything put in before the change cannot be seen by the user i can
look in the callog._______ file and see it but CM wont show it.

has anyone seen this sort of thing before if so how did you fix it?

TIA, will summarize

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thanks to: (John W. Funk)

who sugested changing the author field

and to: (Russ Poffenberger)

who said "You need to also restore the ".calbak._______" files."

i forgot to mention in my original that i had done both of theese
the answer i recived that worked came form: (John R Worachek)

both said kill the process for /usr/openwin/bin/rpc.cmsd because it
became out of sync.

thanks again to all how answered

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