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From: Jackie Rosinsky (
Date: Wed Aug 28 1996 - 15:34:19 CDT

I would like to thank :
        Jason Hargis
        David Mitchell
        Jay Holt
        Alan Hill
        Nate Itkin
        Vic Germani
for all their respones.
It seems that the 2 choices for me to try are Budtool from PDC
and Legato Networker (Call Legato at: 1-415-812-6000).

We are currently evaluating BudTool (with BudTurbo).

Thanks Again for all your help

Jackie Rosinsky
Renaissance Technologies

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I just purchased a Mammoth tape drive and surprise surprise. I am not getting
any better speed. Exabyte says it is because of ufsdump. I was wondering
what other people are doing. If anyone has a mammoth or other high speed
backup drive I would love to know what software you use for your backups.
Jackie Rosinsky
Renaissance Technologies

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