SUMMARY: Xterminal emulator for diskless networked PCs

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Date: Wed Aug 28 1996 - 05:07:54 CDT


I would like to apologize for delayed summary.

I would like to thank following all who promptly responded:
Justin Young <>
"P. Alejandro Lopez-Valencia" <>
Rachel Polanskis <> (Scott Brooks - CSS)
Gregory Goldstein <>

My original message:

> Sorry, if my question is a bit out of context. I hope, somebody may
>have came accross this before ...
> We have quite a few PC's connected to Novell Netware. I look for
>Xterminal emulator, so that we could use them as Xterminals (we have
>Sun connected to the same cable). The problem is that these PC's
>contain neither fd nor hdd. I've tried exceed 3.3 installed on
>network drive, but I kept getting the message
>"Could not find default font"
>Does anybody know of software (PD preferably) I could use?

The following options were suggested:
1) Solaris x86
2) Linux - it is not sure, whether it is possible to boot Linux from
   bootROM; the rumor is, some of our students did it - unfortunately,
   we have holiday now; our prefered option, because it is free
3) something wrong with installation of exceed
4) Xappeal: or
   "It is an MSDOS based Xserver and can use font services if need be.
   Based on XFree86 3.11 and cheap to purchase. 30 day demo is
   available." Interesting for us, because some of our PCs are too
   slow to run Win based emulator efficiently; next candidate if
   Linux path fails;
5) Chameleon/NetManage (for MSWin)
6) XOnNet (by ftp) (for MSWin)
7) eXcursion - couldn't locate more information about the product

I've read SUMMARY devoted x-term on laptop and tried Graph-ON's GO-
Global (for MSWin). Really nice. If we had enough money, I would voted
in favor of it; 10 USER licence (EDU): $2295. It is #3 on my list.

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