SUMMARY: 4/390 won't boot from scsi disk

From: Patrick L. Nolan (pln@egret1.Stanford.EDU)
Date: Tue Aug 27 1996 - 12:03:05 CDT

My problem was that my old 4/390 wouldn't boot from its new SCSI disk.
The error message was:
  sd: Device not found.

Several people have given me the solution. On these old machines the
SCSI addresses to be used are 8 times the real address, and they must
be given in hexadecimal. Thus sd(0,3,0) is not recognizable. To use
a disk with SCSI address 3, I must call it sd(0,18,0). There were
clues to this behavior in the kernel configuration file and in the
boot messages, but I didn't make the connection.

My original question is attached below.

Thanks to these people so far:

----------- original question ----------------------------

I have an old 4/390 that I'm trying to keep running for a few more years.
The IPI disks seem to be dying, so I got a new 4 GB SCSI disk to replace
them. I partitioned it, ran newfs, copied everything over, and ran
installboot. It all works OK, but it won't boot from the new disk.
It looks like this:

>b sd(0,3,0) -s
sd: Device not found.

This is scsi address 3 on controller sm0, so I think the address is OK.
(I also tried sd(0,6,0) because this is sd6, but the results were the
same.) All the partitions on the new disk can be mounted OK, so there's
nothing fundamentally wrong with the scsi setup.

I am worried about the installboot step because it didn't go the way
the man page example suggests. Making the obvious changes in the
example, I should have done this:

cd /usr/kvm/mdec
./installboot -vlt /boot bootsd /dev/rsd6a

This fails with:
bootfile /boot not on bootdevice /dev/rsd6a
That makes sense, because /dev/rsd6a isn't yet mounted as my root
filesystem. How am I supposed to do that before running installboot
on it? Anyway, after /dev/rsd6a is mounted on /mnt, this command
will run with no errors:
./installboot -vlt /mnt/boot bootsd /dev/rsd6a
Does that do what I want? If so, then I really don't understand the
"sd: Device not found" error.

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