SUMMARY: Can't login to console

From: John Bradley (
Date: Mon Aug 26 1996 - 18:41:08 CDT

Thanx fellow managers:

Brion Leary
Jim Craven


Used a combination of both replies. Check to see what is using the

ss1% ps -ft console

I found I had some newly installed software that was started in rc2.d
scripts that was using the console.

I killed the process, waited a couple of minutes, then ttymon respawned
it's self and I was able to login.

Thanx again,




To see what is running with the console as its controlling
terminal do:
        ps -ft console

This will provide info regarding
        'there may be another session active on this port'

Brion Leary <>


We had that problem here recently. I simply killed the ttymon process
(# kill 438) and another ttymon automagically appeared. (I belive this
is do to the respawn tag in /etc/inittab). Anyway the respawned ttymon
worked fine.




Get the following error when trying to login to SS1000 running Solaris

Warning - ttymon cannot allocate controlling tty on "/dev/console",
there may be another session active on this port.

Process output:

[ss1]3% ps -ef | grep tt
    root 438 1 20 00:11:39 ? 0:00 /usr/lib/saf/ttymon -g -h
-p ss1 console login: -T sun -d /dev/console -l cons

I'll summarize.


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