SUMMARY: wu-ftp 2.4 on Strike - HELP!

From: Jochen Bern (
Date: Mon Aug 26 1996 - 16:27:04 CDT

I wrote:

> I've been doing noncritical Stuff with our anon FTP Server last Week;
> Changing Welcome Messages, ftpaccess and such. Today [...] I rebooted
> the Machine (which, BTW, runs Solaris 2.4).
> Bad Move. Now FTP yells at me whenever I try any Data Transfer:
> ---> NLST
> 425 Can't create data socket (,20): Bad file number.
> I've read up on the wu-ftpd INSTALL File, the ftpd(8) Manpage, etc.,
> and have installed all the Libraries and Stuff I was told. No Cigar.
> This affects the anon FTP only; [...] I could FTP into my Account
> ~ftp/dev/tcp looks just fine.

Thanks to:

Phil Antoine <antoine@RadOnc.Duke.EDU> (Nina Burns Pomeroy)
The wu-ftpd FAQ (


Nobody guessed it exactly (that's why I Cc: to the FAQ Maintainer), but
I found it very useful to be told about the fast Test "chroot ~ftp /bin/ls",
which saved me from changing the FTP Setup *big Time* to run Tests. I
found that this Test would run fine on the NFS Server, but not the FTP
Server (which NFS mounts the Stuff). Then I tried NFS mounting the Data
to /mnt with various NFS Options, always checking Things with the chroot
Command. Bottom Line:
| I had added nosuid to the NFS Options, and NO MATTER WHAT THE MANPAGE |
However, since a "usable" Mount somehow got locked in Spite of being
umounted when I changed this - happened again while I was fixing Things,
I wish there were a Way to determine what NFS Params *really* get used
given a File or Directory - the FTP Server didn't break immediately,
only after the Reboot.

I did some Trial&Terror because I wanted to restrict the Lack of the
nosuid NFS Option to as small an Area as possible. The two Devices I
identified as incompatible with nosuid are /dev/tcp and /dev/zero.
Right now, I moved them into ~ftp/dev/nasty/ which gets mounted without
the nosuid Option. null, ticotsord and udp didn't need to, but then again,
I'm not sure that they get used in the first Place.

Thanks again,
                                                                J. Bern

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