SUMMARY: DNS and IP registration tools.

From: Daniel J Blander - Sr. Systems Engineer for ACS (Daniel.Blander@ACSacs.Com)
Date: Mon Aug 26 1996 - 02:17:59 CDT

Thank you all for your quick replies. It looks like NetID has the
best solution, but I am still breaking open tar files and running
executables to be sure....
I recieved the following replies....

From: Celeste Stokely <>
UName-It from ESM looks like a dandy tool for this. Check out
their WWW page at I ran a beta version of it just
to check it out and it works well.

-----Interesting and very close to what I need - they are right up the road
        from our offices too....

From: Kent R Arnott <>
Andy Farrior wrote a set of perl scripts that uses dbm
files and keeps track of hardware addresses, hostnames, primary
managers, dns, bootp, can get a version at
/pub/unix/network/aim-1.0b.tar.gz I am using an earlier version and it works

-----Downloaded and trying it out....

From: Harold March <>
        Try NetID from ISOTRO:
or call 800-ISOTRO-2 or 613-722-1921 or e-mail
I haven't tried the product myself, but a demo is available.

----Looks nice and gives alot of control

Salvador Ramirez Flandes Email: sram@inf.UDEC.CL
OK, look I have finished a
few minutes ago of write the README with indication and the way for the
installation of namedtool, PLEASE read all the README.

---Downloaded and trying out - not sure it does all of the NetID stuff
        which is more to what I think I need....but haven't finished
        evaluating yet.

Daniel Blander =8^)
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