SUMMARY: Dumb Terminal (eg., Wyse WY-150/ES)

From: Sunmana at Cowboys (
Date: Sat Aug 24 1996 - 20:46:23 CDT

Hello, Friends:

I original question was how to connect a dumb terminal,
for example, Wyse WY-150/ES, to a SPARCstation (SS20)
running SunOS 4.1.3.

Thanks for all of the people who responded. The answer
to my question is:

(1). unplug the Sun keyboard from the SPARCstation.
If there's no keyboard connect to it, the SPARC will
default send the output to the ttya port, where the
dumb terminal connects to.

(2). Modify two files: /etc/gettytab & /etc/ttytab
     /etc/gettytab: there should be a line like
     cons8: \
          :lm=\r\n%h login\72 :sp#9600:

     Add p* after 9600:
     cons8: \
          :lm=\r\n%h login\72 :sp#9600:p8:

    Comment out the line:
    ttya "/usr/etc/getty std.9600" unknown off local secure

(3). Get a null modem, connect it to the serial cable.

(4). Connect the dumb terminal to SPARC's serial port.

(5). Reboot the system or do a 'kill -HUP 1'.

That's it.

Thanks again for those who reply.



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