Summary: Modems on External Serial Card

From: John Sutton (
Date: Fri Aug 23 1996 - 15:15:51 CDT

Thank you very much for the quick responses! I am a relatively new
Solaris SA and this group is very helpful.
Thanks Again!

 I have a Sparc 5 with an 8 port external serial adapter. I have
attached modems to some of these ports. I would like to interface
directly with the modem(To issue AT commands). Is there a way to do
this. I can't find this clearly defined in the doco.


I was able to successfully use tip and cu commands.

Thanks to the following:
Michael Sullivan
David Fan
Thomas White
Michael Salehi
Jay Gallivan
Kim Culhan
And especially Jake Mahon and Tox Gunn who gave excellent details

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