SUMMARY: Experiences with patch 103093-05

From: Tommy Williams (
Date: Thu Aug 22 1996 - 13:36:00 CDT

I received responses from two people:

Per Boussard <>
Jeff Popp <>

Per had good luck with the patch fixing some strange AFS problems, but is
"concerned that ths is a kludgy patch, and ... just assumed that there's
going to be a replacement in a while that doesn't have to be backed out."

Jeff had bad problems with it, and thinks it may be the source of other NIS

Having heard this, I am going to wait until Sun issues another, more
permanent, patch, since I have not had any problems (at least not thus far).

Thanks to both of you for your help.

My original question:

It is now on Sun's recommended patches list, and was recommended to users
of Solaris 2.5 machines by Transarc for those using AFS.

Another member of the AFS list then sent this warning:

  From: "Joe Ramus" <>

  We see some serious problems with this patch from SUN.
  Here is a note from a person who tried to install it on one of
  our Solaris 2.5 systems.

  103093-05 is on the solaris 2.5 recommended patch list as of
  today. However, it has some side effects when you install
  it -- it blocks any other patches from being installed. Its
  readme also calls it a point patch (not a good sign).
  I backed it out.

The patch fixes problems with file corruptions after a power loss. It seems
like a good patch to have, but now I'm concerned.

Has anyone else here applied this?

Tommy Williams

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