SUMMARY: Printer prints blank pages after each job

From: Corey Leopold (
Date: Thu Aug 22 1996 - 11:08:25 CDT

The original message

> Our sun among other things is a print server for serveal pc's when jobs
> from the pc's print there is an extra blank sheet of paper at the end of
> every job. The server is a Sun Sparc II running Solaris 2.5 using
Samba to
> share the printers to PC's. The printers are LaserJet II, III and IV.
> Thanks

I received several suggestions on this but what I finally did was to edit
the interface script for each printer. The scrips are in

I changed nobanner='no' and nofilebreak='no' to
nobanner='yes' and nofilebreak='yes'

also at the very end of the script I commeted out these lines.

#if [ -n "${FF}" -a "yes" = "${nofilebreak}" ]
# echo "${CR}${FF}\c"

This stoped jobs that were printing extra sheets from doing so. There is
a side effect though now jobs that do not already have a FF at the end
will not eject from the printer( i.e. lp -d lpr <textfile>) but since I'm
the only one likely to do this it's not that big of a problem.

If anybody knows of another way please let me know.

Thanks to those of you who responded

Corey Leopold
UT Health Science Center at San Antonio
Department of Anesthesiology

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