SUMMARY: Deny SMTP connections from a certain IP/Domain

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Date: Thu Aug 22 1996 - 10:22:24 CDT

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The answer is TCP WRAPPER, Claus Assmann has the very detailed answer.
Thank you again !!

> I am wondering if it's possible to deny SMTP connections from a certain IP
> or Domain. We would like to prevent some local machines from sending
> emails through our mail server. We run ucb sendmail 8.7 series here. Is it
> possible to do that ?

Somthing like this?

4) How do I refuse e-mail from unwanted domains (users)?

If you have sendmail 8, you can do the following to refuse mails from
unwanted hosts/domains:

Put into ruleset 98 something like: (this is LOCAL_RULE_0 in your .mc file)
R$* < @$*$=K . > $* $#error $@ 5.7.1 $: "This domain is banned."
R$* < @$*$=K > $* $#error $@ 5.7.1 $: "This domain is banned."
And define a class K by:
FK /etc/
In this file, you should put the names of the banned domains, e.g.,

If you want to specify the user(s) too, you have to replace the first
$* with the name or a match for a class.

Another possibility is to use tcp_wrappers. There is a patch
(avalailble at
/pub/sources/security/ for
sendmail 8.7.5, which incorporates the functionality directly into
sendmail. Using this approach, you can define the access to your
sendmail daemon based on the rules available for tcp_wrappers.

If you have any corrections/additions/suggestions, please let me know.
These questions and answers are also available on
which contains some more hints about sendmail.

Hope this help,

Claus Assmann

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