SUMMARY - Help...Dead Headless SS1

From: Dave (
Date: Wed Aug 21 1996 - 16:35:23 CDT

  Thanks for the responces. But the jest of the request seems to have been
  I was looking for a way to force it back without attaching a terminal.
  Solutions :
  1) #1 responce, and the most obvious (even to me, really!); attach a terminal.
  2) 3- "Reset the EEPROM". There was no description of how to do this, so I
have no clue how it is done. I assume this is either an "Urban Legend", or
involves chip pullers and bailing wire.
  3) 1- Don't set "input_device=ttya" or "output_device=ttya" in the first
place. Again, not much help now, but I suppose it made them feel better. The
Sparc Station will default to Input/Output_device=ttya if no keyboard or
video card is installed.
  4) 0- Once the terminal is attached, and the system is booted, there is no
way to <L1> A. I found that there is an "eeprom" command that will set the
EEPROM values as required. After they are set, you have to power cycle the
machine to take effect. I suppose you could "halt" and then manage them that
way too. I believe there has to be kernal support enabled for this to work.
  5) One or two responces sugested <L1> N to reset the EEPROM, but without
the machine watching the keyboard in the first place, and the terminal not
having an <L1> equlivant, that was not possible.
> I have an SS1 that I originally took the monochrome display adaptor out
> of, and set the EEPROM to use TTYA as I/O. I tested it then, and everything
> worked as expected. It has been setting around, in storage not running, and
> I now need it.
> won't boot up.
> I re-attached the original monochrome card, monitor and keyboard. But when
> I try to boot, the display shows:
> Using input device ttya
> Using output device ttya
> That's it.
> All 4 LEDs on the keyboard flash once, after power up, but that's all. The
> LED on the case (front right), flashes a Morse Code of "long pause, 1 flash,
> pause, 6 rapid flashes" over and over (failure code???).
> I can hear the hard disk spinning up, and then un-locking, but I can't
> tell anything after that. It is not attached to the network, as the IP
> address is set wrong for this area.
> Recommedations???
> Dave.

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