SUMMARY: 540 MB drives

From: E Andrew Mondore (
Date: Wed Aug 21 1996 - 16:05:45 CDT

Thanks to those who responded to my query yesterday. I ended up calling
Sun support and learned that they don't support the Maxtor 540SL as an
internal boot disk -- the only Maxtor disks they support as internal boot
devices are the LXT 213SY and the XT 760S.

Oh well -- guess we'll find some other uses for those disks.


My original post:

>We're trying to use some 540 MB drives pulled out of IBM RS6000s on various
>Sun machines. For the most part the disks work, except the machines hang
>when you reboot -- it takes a power cycle to get the machines rebooted.
>We've tried the disks in various Sun models (IPC, IPX, etc.) and with both
>Solaris and SunOS 4.1.4, but we still get the same behavior. Does anyone
>have ideas on how to get the machines to reboot when using these drives?
>Format returns the following information when the drives are on a Solaris
>IBM-MXT-540SL-H06H cyl 2232 alt 2 hd 7 sec 68
>Thanks for any help. I'll summarize responses and post to the list.

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