SUMMARY: Solstice FireWall-1

From: erin o'neill (
Date: Tue Aug 20 1996 - 13:52:44 CDT

I asked:
> I looked thru the old summaries and people mentioned Solstice FireWall-1 in
> passing, I need to know if this product is worth the money?
> So if you are using it,
> Do you find it easy to configure?
> Does it alert you if someone is hacking a machine? (how?)
> Is it difficult to configure?
> Our router comes with firewall software that's not very user friendly -- and
> too restrictive. The glossy marketing sheet on this product looks like it's
> easy to use???

I got some 4 replies & One me-too from:

Daniel J Blander - Sr. Systems Engineer for ACS <Daniel.Blander@ACSacs.Com>
Kai Schwermann <>
Geraint Edwards <>
Jay Morgan - RSSI/AC06 - Atlanta <>
Dave McFerren <>

They basically said that it had it's quirks but was fairly easy if you
understand tcp/ip & security basics. Daniel warned me that it was not the end
all & I should not think it would do it all!! (I already have wrappers
installed among other things -just ready to take the next step !!)

We've decided to try it, especially since it has an easier interface for
configuring a cisco!!!

Thanks again!!


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