SUMMARY: Solaris 2.x Driver for Exabyte 10i

From: Tim Evans (
Date: Tue Aug 20 1996 - 08:38:51 CDT

Last week, I wrote:

>I'm looking for a device driver for the Exabyte 10i jukebox (a 10-holer).
>This device uses separate SCSI target id's for the jukebox itself and
>the Exabyte tape drive in it. The tape drive works fine, and I'd like
>to use the Fermilab 'juke' package to manage it, but this package needs
>a separate driver for the jukebox.

Thanks to: Sydney Weinstein <> (Jay Holt) (James Coby)
Paul Keller <>
"James A. Rae" <>

These jukeboxes have both a "smart" (i.e., random access) and
"dumb" mode. You don't need any special drivers to use them
in the latter mode, which is simple sequential use-and-load. When
you eject one tape, the next one in the jukebox is loaded.

Since I'm using this on Solaris 2.x, the 'l' (ell) option of
'ufsdump' makes it easy to do unattended multi-tape backups.
'ufsdump' detects end of tape and kicks the current tape out,
after which the dumb jukebox loads the next one and 'ufsdump'
resumes where it left off.

A number of vendors sell drivers to allow you to use the jukebox
in smart mode, allowing any tape to be in the jukebox to be loaded.
Apunix sells theirs for about $1,000. Another company, AntHill
has info on their Web site about a <$400 package, but their salespeople
didn't return my phone call.

(Since ufsdump + sequential mode in the 10i meets my needs, I may not
bother with the Fermilab 'juke' package, which does includes a SCSI
driver for the robotics and purports to specifically support the 10i.)

Of course, the major backup-software vendors all include random-
access drivers with their software. PDC's BudTool is just one
example, as a PDC rep informed me.

Special thanks to Syd and Jay for taking the time to send me
instructions on setting up the 10i in sequential mode. (I got
really lucky afterwards and actually found our own manual to this
one stuck on a shelf in our computer lab.)

FWIW, I've written an 'expect' script that works with an HP sequential
stacker to replicate ufsdump's capabilities. I use it under AIX 4.2,
whose backup utilities don't have ufsdump's ability to deal with
end of tape. I'll be glad to e-mail this to anyone who wants it.

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