SUMMARY: Auto_home

Date: Fri Aug 16 1996 - 22:52:10 CDT

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        For answering the following question:

> I've just set up an NIS+ server and made it to configure the clients..
>The only problem seems to be when I try to mount the /home directories. It
>seems to me the clients are trying to use the auto_home from NIS+ server, so
>they can't mount the home directories from the NFS home server.. The
>question is... How do I disable this auto_home from NIS+ server ?
> I've already remove the +auto_home from the auto_home map on the
>server, but got no result... And the local auto_home lines on
>/etc/auto_master are already commented out... Anyone has a clue about it ?
>I would appreciate a lot any help...

        The problem was, even thougth I had the files before nisplus
on my nsswitch.conf it would look on nis server for autohome... Just
removed the nisplus entry from nsswitch.conf and everything went fine...
        That is... After removing the auto_home line from auto_master...

                                                Renato Moutinho

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