Summary: problems with ethernet interface metrics

From: Steve Ozoa (
Date: Fri Aug 16 1996 - 17:32:56 CDT

My original question was:

> We have several local networks, and until recently, all the routing was done by
> various multihomed Sun servers. Now we have purchased a Cisco 4700 router, and
> we want to increase the metric on the Sun interfaces to make the Cisco the
> preferred route. On one of the servers, a 690MP running Solaris 1.1.2 (SunOS
> 4.1.4), I have tried running
> ifconfig le1 metric 1
> with no effect. Both a packet capture and examination of the resulting routes
> shows that the RIP advertisements show the old metric unchanged. I've already
> tried restarting in.routed, no luck. The same command works correctly on
> Solaris 2.4.
> Has anyone done this successfully with Solaris 1.x before? Am I doing
> something wrong, or is there possibly a bug in ifconfig?

I got just two replies. One suggested that I set a default route. I should
have said that we do not want to use static or default routes because we want
automatic failover to the Suns in the event of the main router going down.
Also, due to the large number of machines and networks, static routes are NOT a
long-term option.

The second reply was right on the money. Bugid 1187668 describes this problem
exactly. It's a bug in in.routed. I checked the latest SunSolve CD (2.8.3,
July 1996), but unfortunately I couldn't find a patch for it.

Our options now are to live with it or use default/static routes till we can
upgrade to Solaris 2.x, or find an alternative to in.routed. I may see if I
can get around it using gated (our long-term goal is to dump RIP entirely and
go to OSPF anyways).

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