SUMMARY: Move an X-Display to another term...

From: Jason Boerner (
Date: Fri Aug 16 1996 - 14:03:43 CDT

And the winner is xmove from

Special thanks to:
From: Davin Milun <milun@cs.Buffalo.EDU>
From: Mike Fletcher <>
And anyone that I have not recieved the reply from yet.

My orig. post:
Does anyone know of a way to "push" an existing display over to another
xterm? (assuming that the xhost is set correctly).

For example, I have a machine in another room that is happy doing it's
thing with many windows open. I then get called away to another room...
Is there a way for me to send the current display to another machine in
the other room? (too maybe just another button on the CDE?)

The way I do is now of course is to just log out of EVERYTHING; and then
changing physical locations where I then try to restart everything. By
this time, my train of thought is gone...


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