SUMMARY DLT2000 Tape Drive running on Sol2.5.1

From: Byron Wells (
Date: Tue Aug 13 1996 - 06:15:12 CDT

First, sorry for the late summary
Here is the original question

>I have the sting I need to use to edit the /kernel/drv/st.conf file
>in ordesr to use a DLT2000 for solaris 2.3. However, I need to
>install this tape drive on a machine (SS20M152) which is running
>Solaris 2.5.1. Does anyone know if this is a vild string to use, and
>if not, where I can find the information for Sol2.5.1..

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The Results:

Quantam has a series of DLT app notes on attaching to various
operating systems.

>From the Quantum sight I modified the st.conf with this string

The ^ symbol indicaes a required space.
"DEC^^^^^DLT2000", "DEC DLT2000", "DEC-DLT",

DEC-DLT = 1,0x33,1638d, 0x021d, 4, 0x80, 0x81, 0x19, 0x18, 3

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