From: Chan T. Cao (cao@workgroup.com)
Date: Sat Aug 10 1996 - 19:05:04 CDT

Hello all,

Thanks for the speedy replies. I got messages from
4 different persons. Three offered details on how
advantageous NIS+ would be over NIS:

1. Easy to set up and administer (with GUI).
2. Works over router.
3. Allows multiple domains.
4. Allows decentralized administration.
5. Backward compatibility with NIS only clients.
6. Security. (eg. secure rpc)

These people mostly used upbeat tone when describing
their experiences with NIS+ such as: fun, interesting,
easy, a breeze to administer with GUI, etc.

One even went far enough as to sign his message with
"Affectionately," (gotta look back at those days when
I was grappling with English and smile) and assuredly
asked that I could call him for help. But why waste
a person's good intention? Look out for
"Adminstering NIS+ - SunSoft/Prentice Hall," as
Daniel J Blander suggested.

One person dissented from the rest by saying that he
knows many vendors don't support NIS+. But
he also doesn't know much about NIS+ either.

I'm for NIS+. The next IPX that becomes available
will be loaded with NIS+.

Thanks to...

Asim Zuberi
Michael Blandford
Daniel J Blander

Status: RO

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