SUMMARY : CDE dtlogin woes

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Date: Tue Aug 13 1996 - 05:54:38 CDT


Apologies for the delay in this summary, but I have only just solved
the problem.

There seems to be many reasons why this problem happens so I have included
all of the replies below

I thank all those who responded to my post, unfortunately none of these
solutions solved our problem. Most of the solutions were in the SRDB
that I mentioned and I had already tried them, but I very much appreciate
your responses.


   There seems to be a bug in dtsession which is causing the core
   dump. It took a lot of searching and head scratching to discover
   that a leading zero in the IP address was causing the problem.
   the IP address in the NIS+ map for the offending machine was
 (example only)
   this of course is a perfectly legitimate address, however
   dtsession doesn't like the leading zero in the final octet.
   I searched sunsolve and discovered that a leading zero in the
   IP address can cause sendmail to complain and print lots
   of error messages to the console also.
   I changed the IP address to

   and 'as if by magic' CDE appeared before my very eyes

Adrian Singh (Freelance System Administrator)


original post:

>Friends, Romans, Countrymen ...
>I have A problem with CDE (dont we all!)
>I have been using it with only a few problems on an Ultra 170E
>which has had Solaris 2.5 installed from new
>I recently upgraded a Sparc 1000e to Solaris 2.5 from 2.4
>and have now installed CDE 1.0.
>unfortunately (some might say fortunately) no one can log into
>CDE, although OpenWindows works fine.
>after logging in through dtlogin the screen flashes a couple of
>times and then returns to the dtlogin screen.
>I have downloaded srdb/13452 from sunsolve online - lots of
>suggestions - but none work
>I have logged a call with Sun Support, they are busyly scratching
>their heads as I type
>So I thought I'd ask the real experts! (flattery will get me everywhere)
>below is some information that may help
>#uname -a
>SunOS gmsn0009 5.5 Generic sun4d sparc SUNW,SPARCserver-1000
>#cat /.dt/startlog
>--- Wed Aug 7 11:01:11 GMT 1996
>--- /usr/dt/bin/Xsession starting...
>fbconsole: ioctl SRIOCSREDIR: Device busy
>--- Xsession started by dtlogin
>--- sourcing //.dtprofile...
>--- sourcing /usr/dt/config/Xsession.d/0010.dtpaths...
>--- sourcing /usr/dt/config/Xsession.d/0015.sun.env...
>--- sourcing /usr/dt/config/Xsession.d/0020.dtims...
>--- sourcing /usr/dt/config/Xsession.d/0030.dttmpdir...
>--- sourcing /usr/dt/config/Xsession.d/0040.xmbind...
>--- starting /usr/dt/bin/dthello &
>--- starting /usr/dt/bin/dtsearchpath
>--- starting /usr/dt/bin/dsdm &
>--- starting /usr/dt/bin/dtappgather &
>--- execing /usr/dt/bin/dtsession...
>not sourcing //.profile (see //.dtprofile)
>Segmentation Fault - core dumped
>X connection to :0.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown).
>#cat /.dt/errorlog
>Wed Aug 07 11:01:20 1996
>dtsession: Unable to start message server - exiting.
>Wed Aug 07 11:01:23 1996
>Workspace Manager: I/O error on display:: :0.0
>#adb /core
>core file = core -- program ``dtsession'' on platform SUNW,SPARCserver-1000
>SIGSEGV: Segmentation Fault
>Anybody got any Ideas ?
>Although answering a few queries,
>this is my first post - so be gentle with me !
>I will summarise
>Adrian Singh - (Freelance System Administrator)
> (microsoft exchange)
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From: David Theroff <>

I had a similar problem once, and I couldn't find anyone to help.
I ended up resinstalling Tool Talk User and CDE then came up ok.


From: Nick Murray <>

Check the permissions on /etc/mnttab. If it's isn't globally readable CDE
will fail to login (a good check for this is if only root can login).



   We were interested about this subject short time ago. I think the solution
is, to remove the ".profile" from your system. If you use the csh then you will
control the ".cshrc" for a description about calling "openwin". Then remove it
from there. If you still face to face with problem then you will try anyway!
   I. Levent KECECI


From: "Dept. of the Oblivious" <>

Make certain that the users DISPLAY is correct.
As an experiment, you could hard-code the DISPLAY variable
in the users .cshrc, .kshrc, or whatever.



From: (Robert Pasken)

        I found a similar problem, but no real solution. My solution was to
use swmtool to remove ALL occurances of CDE and then reload the package.
Your problem is that dtsession is dropping a core. You may sometimes see
the users root window showing up, but it will go black with the hourglass
showing, other times just nothing happens. I reload CDE several times
before it got it self straigthened out.


From: "John F. Fierstien" <>

I'm not an expert but I saw exactly the same problem. Here is how we
ended up solving it....

We discovered it was something in peoples .login file - we stripped out
all the garbage and left only the essentials. Things started to work -
sorry I never did find the exact problem (it was solved so I moved on
to other things). My best guess is that it had something to do with
peoples .xinitrc file in their home directory.


From: (Timothy Henrion)

When I first installed CDE and Solaris 2.5 we had similar problems. It
may have been caused by users whiching between workstations with CDE/2.5
and ones with Openwin/Solaris 2.3. But I couldn't say for sure.

The problem was fixed by deleting the .dt directory in the user's home
directory. Things seem to be stable now. This hasn't happened to anyone
in months.


From: (Sean Beeg)

We had a similar problem logging into the CDE. Some users could,
some couldn't.
My solution was to move .cshrc to .cshrc.old and then run the CDE.
Once that was done, put the .cshrc back.
give it a shot!


From: (Walter Moore)

I had this problem once. it was something in the .dtprofile that had to be
commented out.

try removing the .dtprofile (or commenting out the lines with
and anything beneath it.


From: John Bradley <>

Check user disk quotas.
Make sure there are NO LD_LIBRARY_PATH statements in your .cshrc.
Make sure you do not source any seteenv DISPLAY commands in .cshrc.
Remove the automatic openwin start in .login, basically remove any tty


From: Kevin Davidson <>

 You should probably be using CDE 1.0.2 (although we had no problems
with CDE 1.0.1). You can get this for free from Sun's ftp sites, and it
comes with Solaris 2.5.1

 Looks like there's some problem getting hold of the console
device. Are the permissions OK ? There is a monitor and keyboard
attached ? You haven't redirected the console by changing the eeprom
input-device and output-device values ?

 Does /usr/dt/config/Xservers ( or /etc/dt/config/Xservers) contain
this line:

  :0 Local local_uid@console root /usr/openwin/bin/Xsun :0 -nobanner


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