SUMMARY: Chamaleon NFS and Solaris

From: Hector Casavantes (
Date: Mon Aug 12 1996 - 18:28:29 CDT

Thanks everybody for your early answers!!! Hope I can resolve my trouble

 The message was as follows:

 Hello everybody!

 I wonder if someone can help me with this simple problem:

 I have a Windows NT based Network, and also my printer servers are NT. Almost all
 my clients are PC-Windows but I have some Solaris 2.5.1 client machines. I have installed
 NetManage's Chameleon NFS in the NT Servers to share disk resources and some day...

 Chameleon have the "lpd" program running. In Solaris, I've used "admintool" to
 install access to remote printer, but nothing: impossible to even send a print job.
 Maybe I have conflict with the names of the queues or something.

 Can someone help me, maybe someone have a simmilar configuration.

 Hector Casavantes


Michelle Buckle <> wrote:
> We run with this configuration on Windows 3.1. This is how we have it set up.
> We run Chameleon's LPD application on the PC, it can also be run through inetd under Chameleon.
> The printer must be set up as the Windows default printer.
> Under Solaris 2.5 we set up access to a remote printer through admintool.
> Browse , printers
> edit, access to printer
> printername = <name of queue>
> printserver = <host name of PC>
> Description = <optional>
> I then add the PC hostname and IP address to the /etc/hosts file.
> We do find that access to the printer can be unpredictable (queue won't come back up) when
> the PC is rebooted, although you may not have this problem with NT.
> I hope this helps.

{Hector's Note: Here was someone that missunderstood my question, and I (by error) deleted his
mail, by the way I can't recall his name. Sorry Mr.and very special thanks to you for your help}

Michelle again wrote
> Hmmm.... I just now set up the Chameleon on our NT workstation to do this and it doesn't work!!
> The print jobs are not reaching the NT workstation. I am continueing to look into this as we will
> be needing to do this eventually ourselves. I will let you know what happens...soon I hope.


Carolyn Audilet <audilet@nexus.srnr.Arizona.EDU> wrote
> I have the same situation. Could you please summarize your solutions when they come in?

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- wrote
> Make sure that your NT server's hosts file contains your Solaris
> client machine's IP addresses and hostnames.
> For NT 3.51, hosts file is under: c:\winnt35\system32\drivers\etc
> Also, on Solaris machines' /etc/hosts file, make sure you've included NT server's IP and hostname.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Larry I. Pidor) wrote
>You may ask Netmanage directly. Though their
>response is late but they do respond. Send
>your message to

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