SUMMARY: Adding a SCSI device to a Sparc 490

From: Roy Rapoport (
Date: Mon Aug 12 1996 - 20:17:38 CDT

Y'all are so cool. Special thanks to: (Thad Macmillan) (Glenn Satchell)
Torsten Metzner <> (Michael Sullivan)

Who all pointed out I had already allocated SCSI ID 4 to the tape

Mike Sullivan went even further and pointed out a potential problem
with the entry for sx0 which has since then been commented out.
My Sparc 490 is much happier now.

On a side note, I find it somewhat ironic to be paying Sun
thousands of dollars per year for software tech support when I have
to wait until 8am to call them when I got my first response to my
problem about 2 hours into the weekend.. :)

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