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Date: Mon Aug 12 1996 - 17:45:38 CDT

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On Aug 1, 3:01pm, erin o'neill wrote:
> Subject: Dumb terminals
> I don't know why vendors don't know much about these except maybe they aren't
> big money makers! :) :)
> I currently have one wyse 55es paper white terminal that has a very nice
> display that I have hooked up to an AB box to share with a couple of cisco
> routers & a couple of headless sgis. The wyse terminal does NOT like being
> an AB box & sometimes won't speak to the thing it's connected to unless I
> toggle the power. Obviously this is NOT a very nice solution & makes my users
> cranky!!
> What are others of you using as dumb terminals?? What brand? are they
> & good? Nice display???

Thanks from the following:
Martin Espinoza <> <>
Tom Barkanic <!intrepid!tb>
John Justin Hough <>
Brett Lymn <>

I was told to get an old vt220, a wyse-60 works with an a/b box, a dec vt420,
an old at&t, & a PC.

I don't have the real-estate for a PC or even the older vt220 (if I knew where
I could get one)... My vendor said dec has a terible service record & wouldn't
order me one (I decided to try a dec over a wyse). He said it was wyse or
nothing! I went with the wyse because I need it!


thanks for your help!!


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