SUMMARY: "clicking Keyboard"

From: Dennis Evans (
Date: Mon Aug 12 1996 - 12:47:50 CDT

Thanks for the quick responses!!

xset c 100 - turns keyclick on (highest volume*)
xset c (0 or off) - turns keyclick off

I was unable to discern any difference in the volume, with any value
between 1 and 100.

Below is the info obtained from "man xset (c subsection)
The c option controls key click. This option can
take an optional value, a preceding dash(-), or an
'on/off' flag. If no parameter or the 'on' flag is
given, the system defaults will be used. If the dash
or 'off' flag is used, keyclick will be disabled.
If a value from 0 to 100 is given, it is used to
indicate volume, as a percentage of the maximum.
The X server will set the volume to the nearest
value that the hardware can support.

One comment that I received was...
It doesn't appear to work with windows launched with eXceed.

Status: RO

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