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Date: Fri Aug 09 1996 - 18:38:15 CDT

Here is the summary for my original question:
>In our system several people have root privileges. I would like to be able
>to tell, from a script, what the login account is of someone who has su's
>to root. Is there any way to do this in SunOS 4.1.3?

The most popular answer was that all su's are logged in /var/adm/messages
and I could extract the needed information from that log file. Several
people included some really neat scripts to do it.

There were several suggestions to check out a program called sudo.

There were a number of suggestions to not share the root account.

The simplest suggestion, from Niall O Broin, was to just use "who am i".
I've decided to give this one a try.

Many thanks to all who took the trouble to answer my question:

Michael Bauman
Roland Bohman
Martin Espinoza
Parks Fields
David Gillam
Stephan Harris
Raju Krishnamurthy
Gary Lee rgl@xdiv.lanl.govShaun McGee
Torsten Metzner
Niall O Broin
Mike Ordun mro@LANcomp.COM2
Daniel Singer
Keh Teh
Bill Townsley

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