SUMMARY: SCSI HD "corrupt label" woes

From: Anthony Aldridge (
Date: Fri Aug 09 1996 - 10:28:46 CDT

Thanks all. After my original message - here's what I found

> My 9gig HD used to work (for about a week) - then the (new) sun (ultra 1
>runnng solaris) decided it wouldn't recognise the drive.
>It comes up with "corrupt label" and "wrong magic" when I try to boot the
>machine. Format then doesn't see the drive.
>So I sent it back for repair. They tell me the drive's fine (macintosh
>users who don't have a UNIX box).
>My mac sees the drive fine, just the Sun doesn't.
>I really could do with help - how do I rewrite the label or reformat the
>drive from scratch?

There are 2 possible causes for my trouble!

1/ The drive was on SCSI ID 4. After I changed it to ID 1 (advice from the
Sun vendor), the drive was recognised. This is the only change I made
(apart from 2 below) - although I haven't since re-tested the drive back on
ID 4 - it would appear that I sent the drive back to the vendor (losing 2
months!) for this reason alone. Perhaps Sun would like to write this in
huge letters all over their machines - DON'T PUT YOU DRIVE ON SCSI ID 4
(gripe, gripe).

2/ The Ultra 1 probe-scsi command only works when the machine is stopped
(pressing "Stop-A") BEFORE the machine boots up. NOT that I didn't know
that - only my monitor doesn't actually switch on until the boot process is
well under way. I had been waiting until I could see the screen before
pressing Stop-A.

Anyway, I don't suppose this actually caused "format" to recognise the
drive - unless my previous "boot -r" command was failing. Perhaps this
should be the subject of another huge message on their machines! Well it's
pretty crazy for a 13000 machine.

Anyway, all appears fine - I can now use "format" on the drive - hurrah!

Thanks again for the advice to all who replied.

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