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Date: Fri Aug 09 1996 - 01:52:12 CDT

Hello Sun managers,

Thanks to:

to many to thank you in person, but almost all the reply's had just one
answer: xautolock.
ou can find it at*
Oddvar Andreassen wrote :
        We are using xautolock (public domain, make an ftp search for it),
        which works good.

        You can specify the length of the idle time,
        and set it to run a command (script or a progrqam like xlock) if
        the user has not touched keyboard or mouse during the idle time period.

        It also has a 'quick lock' feature, if the user puts the cursor in the
        upper left corner the screen will lock within 5 seconds.
        I am starting an xautolock process for each user when they log in,
        with the idle time set to 15 minutes. Then I have removed xlock from
        the menu and adviced users to put the cursor in the upper left corner
        if they want to lock quicker - going for lunch etc.
        This way xlock is always under control of xautolock,
        I found that setting xlock manually gave problems (produced a long list
        of error messages) when xautolock tried to lock the screen after xlock
        had already been started manually by the user.

        Hope this helps. I think there is something called 'xidle' too,
        with a similar function to xautolock.

John Bradley <> even sended the program
and thanks for that now i can use it right away (i can't use ftp on my sun, i
dont' have a open conection to a ftp server).

Thanks to you all


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