SUMMARY: Exabyte Jukebox and Solaris 2.5

From: Paul Keller (
Date: Wed Aug 07 1996 - 11:32:45 CDT

I recently posted a question regarding whether inexpensive drivers
to manipulate an exabyte stacker.

- Since we haven't purchased the jukebox, I was actually looking for a vendor
   that sells both the stacker and drivers bundled. It looks like we're going
   to go with Artecon's jukebox.

   BoxHill was another vendor like Artecon which sells drivers bundled with
   the hardware.

   Many people suggested Amanda which is available on an ftp site.


   Many suggested Legato Networker but we didn't want to pay that much since
   we won't be using their proprietary backup software.

   By far the most responses were aimed at using sequential loading. No
   drivers are apparently needed, and when you 'offline' the drive the
   tape gets placed in its original slot, and the next one is loaded.

   Two people wrote saying there's a driver at, again
   since we don't have the hardware yet, I can't test any of these.

Thanks for the many responses:

: (Tim Evans)
: (Ben Anello)
: (Jim Seavey)
: (D461-Viet_Q_Hoang(0)82572)
: (Dave Haut)
: Gene Rackow <>
: (Ira Childress)
: (Jeremiah Ratner)
: Daniel Lorenzini <>
: Benjamin Cline <>
: "Robert Tommaselli" <>
: Garry Robbins <>
: Kenneth Simpson <>
: Chris Maio <>
: (Lewis E. Wolfgang)
: (Timothy Henrion)
: (Susan Thielen)
: "Prasad K. Dharmasena" <>
: Martin Espinoza <>
: (Scott O. Leaver)
: "Bushman, Gonzo" <>

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