SUMMARY: Memory Parity error on a SparcServer 390

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Date: Wed Aug 07 1996 - 10:04:07 CDT

Hi and thanks for all of the responses. Overall, it just sounds like
chipcreap or dirty contacts. Most told me to reseat the memory and all
should be fine. One even recommends planning a yearly maintainence to
pull the boards and reseat them. A good idea.

Since the problem was solved with a power cycle and has not occurred
again I don't know if any of the following will solve the problem.


My original post:

I recently had my SparcServer 390 crash with the following error

Parity Error @ Virtual Address 0xFFFFA378, Physical Address 0x0013A378
Byte #2, Context 00

(this message scrolled several times down the screen followed by)

Watchdog Reset

It then sat in the prom mode and wouldn't reboot without a power cycle.

This happened approximately 6 months ago. Is it just a bad memory
address? Some sort of system panic? or are things bound to be serious?

This is a sparc Server in a rack mount case with several slide in
boards. How do I find the memory board? (I'm used to working with the
Sparc Pizza Boxes not the rack mounts). Does this error point to having
to replace the memory?

It's running Sunos 4.1.3_U1.
thanks to!
Brad Young <>
Well, it's not normal. It's likely a memory problem. You might try
down and reseating the SIMMS. Apparently vibration over time can create
intermittant problems. If your problem persists, you'll need to start
replacing the SIMMS.
 You might want to get a copy of the sun Hardware faq, available from in /pub/Sun-Hardware-Ref
or in /pub/ru/rubicon/sun.hdwr.ref
It's a voluminous document...
"Richard C. Mills" <>
I've never worked with the model you mentioned, but I have had that
pop up. First, I would look for the manual to see where the memory is.
you can't find the manual, shut the system down and start pulling boards
looking for it. Once you find the memory, try reseating it. Then power
the system back on, <Stop>-<A>, and then do a "test /mem". If you still
problems, then I would say you need to replace some memory.
Greg Spiegelberg <>
As a general rule, I try to plan to have sparcs down atleast once a
year so I crack the case and reseat the memory. I do this because
I've seen messages similiar to yours, swap getting corrupted (and
then the disk does also), and even one concerning a memory error
and the ethernet interface. So far, I've had all good luck doing
------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Martin Achilli)
This happened to us too on our 4/330. It only happened twice and then
went away on its own, I did not do anything about it and the system has
been ok for over 6 months now.

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