Summary: SYBASE backup question (update)

Date: Tue Aug 06 1996 - 16:22:29 CDT

Thanks again:
"Richard C. Mills" <>
"Win Htin" <>

My final solution is:
1. on the local machine which has sybase to be dumped, mount /remotedump from a remote server which has a tape drive;
2. on the local machine, use crontab to do:
dump database db_name to "/remotedump/dump.dat"
dump tran db_name to "/remotedump/tran.dat"
3. on the remote machine. use crontab to do:
cd /remotedump; tar cvf tape_device *.dat

To do a load,
I need to un-tar those two .dat files before loading them.

-Judy H.
Thanks a lot to:
Development <> (Michael Sullivan) (John Russell) (Keith Willenson) (Marina Daniels)
Bob Fulwiler <> (George L Roman) (Scott McDonald)
"Marks, Evan R" <>
"Ing. Carlos Ramon Guevara" <> (Paul Seelaus)

The answer is:

1. On the remote host (which has a tape drive), export a file system, eg. /remotedump;
2. On the local host (which has sybase to be dumped), mount that /remotedump;
3. On the local host, make /remotedump/dump.dat as the "disk" type dumpdevice;
4. Do the dump to /remotedump/dump.dat on the local host;
5. On the remote host, use "tar" to copy /remotedump/dump.dat to a tape.

It works, but, If I want to do a LOAD, I have to un-tar that tape to a file, and then load that file using sybase's command.

I cann't load that tape directly from the tape drive since the blocksize of the tape image is not recognized by sybase.

I cann't find the blocksize of /remotedump/dump.dat when I copy it to the tape, so I use tar, if so, maybe I can use dd. Can you tell me how to find the blocksize of /remotedump/dump.dat?

And, if I use a tape drive attached to sybase locally, I can dump both database and tran to the same tape.

But, I cannot dump both database and tran to the same filename (eg. /remotedump/dump.dat). Is there a way to do so?

thanks a lot for you patient.


My question was:

I'am new to SYBASE admin. and I have a question. I've searched SYBOOK without help.

We have a SUNOS with SYBASE installed and our database is dumped everyday to it's local tape drive.

Is it possible to remote dump our database to a Solaris machine which is not running SYBASE?

If so, how?

I tried: dump database db_name to "/dev/rst1" at host_name

And I added "host_name" to sysservers table using "sp_addserver". Didn't work.

It seems that I have to install another SYBASE on my "host_name".

Thanks a lot!


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