SUMMARY: in.named not reloading correctly

From: N. Goumache Mead (
Date: Tue Aug 06 1996 - 13:53:19 CDT

Original question:

SPARC server 1000
Solaris 2.5
First off everything worked fine until...
I just made some changes to files in /var/named/. Now I can't seem to
reload the name server correctly. I don't get any error messages
following the reloading nameserver message, and doing nslookups on
various names and addresses seems to work fine. But, I can't get
name service to work when trying to connect to our homepage. I've
tried changing the serial numbers, reloaded several times,
rebooted. doing a ps -e | grep in.named
shows it to be running. I kill -HUP pid to no effect and also just
plain kill pid and restarted it. I went back on the changes to the
original settings but to no avail.

Thanx guys for the quick response.

Carle Brisson
Reto Lichtensteiger

I got some good tips on how to troubleshoot DNS. But it turns out to be
something silly which I realized was happening after digging around some
more. Basically I somehow managed to kill off the httpd daemon, so as
soon as I realized that other sites were accessible I figured it out. It
is nice to know there are friendly voices out there who are willing to
offer advice to those of us who don't have colleagues on site with whom
to troubleshoot with. Thanx again!

N. Goumache Mead
Information Systems Manager

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