SUMMARY: compiling emacs 19.31 in an Ultra1

From: Marcelo Maraboli (
Date: Tue Aug 06 1996 - 11:09:50 CDT

hello admins..

The initial problem is that I compiled with no problems the gnu
emacs 19.31 with gcc 2.7.2 and Solaris 2.5.1

The problem was it crashed inmediatly after i executed it.


        The error is in emacs 19.31, it doesn't "configure" right for the
        Solaris 2.5.1 works fine in solaris 2.5.

How did i fix it??

        i got the NEWLY released version of emacs 19.32 which had no
        problem at all.

Thanks to me, myself and I who pointed the problem out... :)
It seems that there are 2 posibilities...

1.- nobody has ever encountered this problem before...
2.- it was too easy to mention...which i doubt..if not there wouldn't be emacs 19.32
3.- lazy people.

i prefer to fall for answer 1.

Another solution:

        compile emacs 19.31 in Solaris 2.5 and mount the install directory and
        do a "make install" in the solaris 2.5.1 machine.


PD: if i ofended anybody...please email and ofend me back. :)

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